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San Antonio Juvenile Crime Lawyers

Protect Your Child's Future

At Masson & Peranteau, we take a special interest in helping young people navigate their way through the juvenile justice system and get their lives back on track after an arrest for a criminal offense. Whether wrongfully accused or guilty as charged, we offer compassionate support and guidance based on more than 50 years of combined experience. In addition, our San Antonio criminal defense lawyers have experience as parents, and Patrick Peranteau is a former public school teacher. We believe in making a positive difference in the lives of the young people we represent, taking advantage of "teachable moments" to help the accused young person learn a valuable life lesson.

We also believe that by involving young people in their cases rather than doing the work for them, they will learn from their mistake and will be less likely to repeat it in the future. For example, when appropriate we require our young clients to pay some or all of their own legal expenses, either by making payments directly to us or reimbursing their parents, as part of an agreement negotiated with them. Experience has taught us that more often than not when a young person steps forward and takes responsibility for handling the situation he or she has gotten into or caused, he or she learns from his or her mistakes and begins to move toward a more productive future. Our goal at Masson & Peranteau is to make a positive difference in the life of your child.

We Are Experienced Juvenile Law Attorneys

At Masson & Peranteau, we are experienced in representing young people accused of all types of offenses, from purely juvenile offenses such as truancy and minor in possession of alcohol to misdemeanor marijuana possession, shoplifting, theft, and simple assault. We also handle more serious, felony offenses such as aggravated assault, robbery and murder. In cases involving more serious offenses, the State will sometimes attempt to transfer the juvenile defendant to adult court to try him or her as an adult in an effort to obtain a conviction and send the young person to an adult prison. In this situation, you need an experienced juvenile lawyer like those at Masson & Peranteau to contest the transfer. Call us if your child is accused of a crime.

Sealing a Juvenile Criminal Record in San Antonio

If child has been arrested for a juvenile offense, it may be possible for us to file a petition with the court to have the records sealed. A successful petition for sealing of records will remove your child's information from the criminal history database and protect your child from the stigma of having a criminal record. Whether you are interested in petitioning the court to have your child's record sealed or retaining a lawyer to represent your child after he or she has been arrested for an offense, we urge you to contact us now for an initial case evaluation to discuss the matter and begin working on a strategy to help your child.

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