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Expunging & Sealing Records in San Antonio

Get a Fresh Start Through Expunction of Your Criminal Record

If at some point in the past you were arrested, charged with a crime or convicted, you may find that the consequences of that experience continue to follow you today. You will be required to disclose your criminal history each time you apply for housing, college, student loans, credit or employment. Decisions on these important matters will be made based on the results of your criminal background check. Furthermore, you may be living with a negative social stigma because you have been involved in the criminal justice system. In the back of your mind, the time you spent in handcuffs, in jail and standing before a judge may continue to be present as a reminder of your past and threatens to cause you problems in the future.

About Criminal Record Expunction in San Antonio

Under certain circumstances, it is possible to make a fresh start in life by wiping your criminal record clean so that you do not have to continue to live with the consequences of a poor choice or false accusations. Texas state law allows for the expunction of one's criminal record in appropriate circumstances. Properly performed, an expunction can result in the complete removal of arrest records, court records and criminal history record information. It is impossible to undo what has been done in the past, but an expunction makes it possible to move forward as though your arrest or prosecution never happened.

Eligibility for Criminal Expunction in San Antonio, TX

Expunction is generally available only to people who were not found guilty of the charges against them. Expunction is also available in cases in which the charges were dismissed, as well as cases in which the defendant was exonerated. If you were convicted, you will not be eligible for expunction unless the offense was a Class C misdemeanor and you successfully completed the terms of your probation, or you were formally pardoned of the offense. A San Antonio criminal defense attorney from Masson & Peranteau can assist you with this complex process. When you come to our firm for your free case evaluation, we can review the situation in order to determine whether you are eligible for this type of legal relief.

Nondisclosure of Criminal Records

If you were given deferred adjudication for an offense in the State of Texas, then it may be possible to prevent the charge from being seen by private sector employers and housing agencies performing a background check. A petition for nondisclosure properly presented to the appropriate court can protect you from being denied housing and employment, or otherwise being embarrassed by your past. Not all offenses are eligible for nondisclosure. Don't take chances with your future. Contact Masson & Peranteau today and move forward with your life.

Sealing of Juvenile Records in San Antonio

If your child is arrested for a juvenile offense, there may be serious consequences to his or her academic prospects, possibly limiting your child's professional and career potential. Fortunately, Texas state law includes provisions which allow for the sealing of a juvenile's criminal records in many circumstances. There are strict eligibility requirements for a sealing of records. For example, at least two years must have passed since the criminal proceeding, and the juvenile may not have been convicted of certain crimes such as a felony or a crime of moral turpitude. However, when this relief is granted, the individual's information is removed from the criminal history database, so the arrest and prosecution can no longer restrict your child's opportunities in life.

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